When you connect from some resource like an app, Event Hub, VM, Logic App, etc. to Azure SQL Server, Storage, etc. You have to store and maintan credentials. Which in some cases isn’t secure solution. You must to store passwords, remember about changing policy and so on. …

Today I want to show you how Azure Stream Analytics works. Service which stores and analyse events. In order to do this we need to create an ingestion service — Event Hub which provides data to Stream Analytics service. …

If you work with Power BI and like working with Python and Jupyer as well. Microsoft has provided Jupyter and Power BI integration.

Visual Studio Code has native Jupyter notebooks support. So today’s example is performed inside VS Code.

I’d prepared and deployed an examplary report in Power BI service.

Today I will show you how to implement change detection in Power BI. It gives you a possibility to refresh a report automatically within specified range of time.

Our example is a Badges table in Direct Query mode. I’ve filtered two statuses and added a Quantity measure. …

When you deal with large amount of data, every detail is important in terms of performance. Today I want to show you how insert time and log size changes depending on factors like indexes and TABLOCKX hint.

Our test table contains 0.5 billion rows and 5 columns.

There is a lot of situations when you need to add new partitions to existing, partitioned table. We can perform it in pretty simple way.

I’ve created partitioned table with following partitioning function.

CREATE PARTITION FUNCTION udf_PartitionYear(date) 

XMLA endpoint is a protocol for communication between client applications and Analysis Services engine. Power BI is based on tabular engine. So, for people who are experienced with Analysys Services Tabular model development. XMLA endpoint is nothing new. But for Power BI developers is a game changer.

That way you…

Power BI services brings great feature Deplyment Pipelines. You can separate your enviornments and synchoronize them in an easy way.

Every environment has it’s own workspace. You can name it whatever you want. Here is an example with one report created. Everything is in sync.

Michal Molka

BI Developer (Microsoft Stack)

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