SQL Server —insert performance

When you deal with large amount of data, every detail is important in terms of performance. Today I want to show you how insert time and log size changes depending on factors like indexes and TABLOCKX hint.

Our test table contains 0.5 billion rows and 5 columns.

Script bellow has been used to move data between two tables. In this case TABLOCKX hint is used. The second script differs only with lack of WITH (TABLOCKX) code.

USE [Stage_v2]
INSERT INTO dbo.GHCN_06 WITH (TABLOCKX) ([StationID], [Date], [Type], [Value], [Alpha2])
SELECT [StationID], [Date], [Type], [Value], [Alpha2]
FROM [Stage_v1].[dbo].[GHCN_01]
WHERE [Date] BETWEEN ‘1900–01–01’ AND ‘1910–12–31’
SET @Stop = GETDATE()PRINT(CONCAT(‘Start: ‘, @Start))
PRINT(CONCAT(‘Stop: ‘, @Stop))
PRINT(CONCAT(‘Sec.: ‘, DATEDIFF(ss, @Start, @Stop)))

In two cases I’ve created indexes, clustered and non clustered.

CREATE INDEX IX_Date ON [dbo].[GHCN_05] ([Date])

Here is a summary table contains testing scenarios. As you see sometimes there is a big difference between log size and insert time depending on used index or hint.




Data | BI Engineer (Microsoft Stack)

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Michal Molka

Michal Molka

Data | BI Engineer (Microsoft Stack)

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